Bringing the chickens up to the allotment


Ive brought the girls upto the allotment and have added an additional 10 to the flock. So I have 15 girls now, They are all Lohmann which are a brown Hybrid chicken with white markings on some. They will produce around 300 eggs a year per chicken.


I do have names for them alot of people say im crazy but I kind of like giving them names as everyone deserves a name.

We have.

Bluebell, Dottie, Rosie, Ruby, Henrietta these girls are around 2 years old.

The new girls are.

Victoria, Roxy, Doris, Mabel, Daisy, Honey, Clemintine, Primrose, Ginger, Annie, They are all around 18 weeks old which they are just coming into lay, so we have lots of baby eggs at the moment.

all 10 girls
my 5 old girls

We have built a metal frame with chicken wire all the way round and a foot down and across to keep the lovely Mr fox out. I brought a big chicken house which im now debating on moving it outside the coop for more room. I painted it Lavender from the cupinol range. My House and frame came from

Chickens are not for everyone but I love my Girls and yes they are all colour coded I know whos who.

They will help me out up the allotment and they can feast on left over veggies too, its so nice being up there with them, I cant have a farm or bigger land so this is the next best thing, Yes its alot of hard work but its all about managing my time a little better now.

I will post updates here on the girls and also on my social media pages too.

Hope youve enjoyed reading about the girls




Seed Sowing


Ive been sowing more seeds like Tomatoes, Cucumber, Peppers lots of different ones also ive just put some different poppy seeds in. So fingers crossed.

I have a pot of seeds I collected from my grans garden back in 2006 I used them the following year I sown all the seeds, and then when they died I collected the seeds to go again. That way im saving money and still keeping my gran close as she has been sitting with the angels for over 20 years now. I also have a rose bush in my garden its called Rosemary and I thought it was perfect as that was her name.


Anyway enough of all that, My allotment is coming along nicely I do need to dig the one Big patch and really try burning all that rubbish. My rhubarb has really settled nicely in its new home I think we are going to have lots this year.


The raspberries are doing ok, and the pigeons have eaten all the sprouting broccoli 😉 But thats ok “she says through grited teeth.”

I absolutley love it up there i just need to get a sign to go on my shed now and start planting lots of yummy vegtables.

I am even looking to put my chickens up there and adding to my flock as I have loads of room and I can use there pooh in my compost and they can eat up left over greens it is a win win.

Well I will be back with more on the allotment in the meantime I will be posting lots on my Instagram page so if you want to keep up with it all check it out @down_the_allotment_path

Keep sowing those seeds

Love Claire Xx

7th November


So much has happened since I last came on here and posted. I have taken over the plot next door to me so I’m now a proud owner of two plots 129B and 130B I need to organise a sign now.



So you know me by now it has all been dug over and the floor has been mapped out with a heavy duty covering, which gives it all definition on what’s going where, the ground that’s going to be used for planting has been covered.

And that compost heap well it has extended and is massive there is no chance of me using this anytime soon but not to fret I will leave that one and use the new one I gained with my new plot.

My leeks and swiss chard are growing well along with all the brassicas. The potatoes did not make it as we’ve had a few really cold frosty mornings, but it was worth a try.



The raspberry canes are in along with the blackcurrant plants so let’s hope it all forms lots of roots and grows well for next year.



Hubby has got some wooden pallets to go around the plot we have managed to do nearly half the plot so we just need some more which can be done whenever.

I’ve ordered lots of seeds and potatoes for next year which I can’t wait to get them.

So I’ve done what I can up on the plots I feel that I can now leave it till the new year before I can get some more things done up there I’ve really loved planning and digging, it’s been so good for me in so many ways it  has been the best decision I’ve made this year and I can’t wait for the new year to get growing and enjoy more times sitting up the Allotment with my cuppa.


Until next years planning and sowing, take care and thank you for taking the time to comment and read my blog and come on my journey.

Also, more of my little sidekick Mr. Buddy Boy who loves being up there with me.


Heres to more dirty knees, seeds, and plants next year.

Love Claire Xx 




Friday 21st September



Well, it has been a couple of weeks since I have been up the allotment to check on it.

Lots have changed weeds are still growing lol.

I cleared the one patch and put some cover down on it to try and suppress the weeds a bit till I know what I want to plant there.


I’ve created an extended pathway along the bottom by the compost bins and cleared all by the potential fruit bush area.


My potatoes are shooting up there is hope yet for them.


All I have to do now is to plan and buy the seeds for the new growing season, I can’t wait to plant lots of new veggies on there in the new year.

I will know soon if I have the next door plot too then I will have some serious work to be done I can’t wait I feel like a child and I’m so excited.


There is not much else to really report so I will leave it there until next time.


Love Claire Xx 

5th September


its been a while, and so much has happened over the past couple of weeks,

So here goes,

The shed has arrived and is up Thanks to my hubby and our friend for putting it together. It is now painted in a Cuprinol paint called lavender, which I absolutely love.

I have lined the pathways with a heavy duty ground cover to give the plot a bit of structure. Which is perfect and does the job well.

I finally found some Netting for all my kale, Sprouting broccoli, cauliflowers. which are now covered from the delightful white butterfly, lol Ive planted some leeks and swiss chard too, So fingers crossed.


I have planted some potatoes “charlottes” if we don’t have any frost we may have potatoes so it’s a very hit and miss but the way I see it I wanted to get as much in the ground I could.

I have taken some time to pretty up the inside of the (She Shed) it had to be done we have bunting and curtains and why not. I’ve got my little camping stove in their and kettle for warm cups of coffee and a saucepan for soup when it gets colder.



So as you can see it’s changing all the time, we are coming to the end of the summer season and I just can’t wait for what the next year will bring and see what it looks like then to now,

I love being up there pottering about I want to put in some raised beds of some kind and I started by putting a little flower bed in front of the shed with some autumn pansies and a Rosemary plant along with a Salvia that I got in the sale from Homebase. I thought it would bring some colour to the plot,


I still can’t believe how quick this month has gone on the allotment considering how it was when I took it on to where it is now.

It can only get better.

So till next time I’m down the allotment path enjoy the read and Thank you.

Love Claire Xx 

11th/12th August


Well I spent the weekend really  sorting the rest of the allotment out, I have cleared all the one side and levelled the top off as much as I could, raked and did more raking, the pathway has been dug and I have placed some old bits of wood to mark out where the pathway is etc.


I’ve pulled out as much as I can of the weeds and roots it won’t get rid of all but its a good start.

I have a large grey bin that was kindly given to me by my friends mum which I’m going to use it for a water butt next to the shed.

I have raked over both sides and generally given it a bit of life where there is so much possibility. I can really see the changes now. Hubby has ordered me a shed, yay

And yes Roy made me another cuppa bless him I think he’s converted me back to tea drinking well one won’t kill me anyway.

There is such a lovely vibe up here so many lovely people around me I really feel like it was the best decision I made.

So on with the vegetables, I can’t have an allotment without them can I. I’ve brought some purple sprouting broccoli, leeks, swiss chard, kale, to be honest, they are all I could find in the garden centres and plant nurseries. I’m a bit late to the party I think.

I have got some potatoes off the RHS website to pop in the ground and if we don’t get a frost we may have some homegrown potatoes in a few months.

I have ordered some ground cover for the pathway not sure if it is going to be a good idea or not at the moment, I’ve also ordered some netting to go over all my new plants so they don’t get too attacked by the birds and butterflies.

That’s it for now until next time.

Love Claire xx


Saturday 4th August 2018

I managed to clear quite a bit of the one side of the allotment today which has made such a difference.

It is all starting to take shape now and I can actually see where everything is going to go.

I’ve met a few lovely gentlemen up here that have allotments near mine and they all seem to be lovely and have offered loads of advice which I think is lovely. I went and signed up for the yearly allotment association where we can have 3rd party insurance and 40% off seeds and they also have a little shop onsite well a big container full of compost netting feed you name it they have it and all discounted price too.

well, I turned up and in the shed, there were about 10 men all sat around the table drinking hot tea and coffee apparently every Saturday morning at 11 is where they go for a chat. this made me laugh as I walked in being the only female and a lot younger, I just said hello and introduced myself, I did get the feeling they thought how long is she going to last. I will show them.

They all did seem really nice to be honest.

So after that in counter, I wandered back to my allotment to carry on with my jobs as they were not going to do them by themselves.

After I had been hard at it for a good hour or so a lovely gentleman brought me a hot cup of tea, which went down very well even though I do not drink tea I did not care.

I think I’m going to get along just nicely up here it is so lovely and very peaceful.

Love Claire xx